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The Team. The Events. The Story

Have you ever seen all the Christites wearing the same coloured outfits throughout the week for something called "Colour Week"? Or have you ever practised day and night to participate in "Darpan"? Have you ever heard of the biggest inter-deanery cultural fest of Christ, "Blossoms", and the inter-university fest "In-Blooms"? Ever grooved to the amazing dance performances of Nritta? Or dressed your best on Ethnic Day? Every Christite has witnessed all of the above at least once, and the association that makes all of this possible is our very own Student Welfare Office or SWO.


The largest student body association of Christ (Deemed to be University), the Student Welfare Office provides a platform to students of all years and courses to exhibit their talents and skills. It is a forum where students can organise or participate in various cultural activities and fests throughout the year. 


With several different committees under it, SWO offers students a chance to brush up on various skills and build on the important qualities of leadership and teamwork. The events organised by SWO are indeed the highlights of every Christite's semester and something everyone presents on campus actively looks forward to.


Our Team.

Faculty Co-ordinator

Karun Bharadwaj

Krithika Balaji

Mamand Sir Final _edited.png

Overall Heads

Shlok Rahul Gandhi

Meghana Vatambeti

Overall final_edited.png

Cultural Secretary

Sayan Chaudhuri

My project-2.png

Audi Heads

Nischay Dogra

Shria Mody

Media Heads

Gurdev Singh Sachdev

Sriranjani Aravindan

Stage Heads

Anvita Belawal

Pearl Kamra

Vandita Malhotra


Art Heads

Pushpak Jain

Liya Manoj

Ram Tejas Makam


Records Heads

Harshita Tandon

Vishakha Tungar


Hospitality Heads

Mohammed Niyas M

Rishika Palriwal


Literary Heads

Kushagr Gautam

Ulfath Tabassum

Emcee Heads

Sandeep Kumar

Dhriti Mukherjee

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