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What we do.

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Fresher's Carnival 

It had been a few weeks since the newbies had stepped foot inside our campus, and we had to make their fresher’s event a blast so they could get a taste of what all awaited them in the years to come. Most of the classes were overjoyed at the movies that they were allotted (some were disappointed as well), but all in all, each of them got to work and put in an insane amount of effort to come up with skits that we wouldn’t have been able to think of in our third years that they did in their first. The fresher’s carnival was not just this, but a place where every class got to know their own people, and came closer to them, got to know other classes, and the workings of the college, and got the chance to taste what their college life was gonna be like here onwards(apart from the excruciating pain and stress).

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True to its Sanskrit roots, Nritta (meaning dance or gesticulate) is an annual dance festival organized by the Student Welfare Office. An inter-campus event open to viewing by the public, Nritta is not a competition but a celebration of the art form. Highlighting four main genres of dance, i.e, Folk, Contemporary, Classical, and Hip-hop & Jazz, Nritta has witnessed ground-breaking performances, from dancing in stilettos to forms of gymnastics.


Each Bangalore campus is allocated a day to host dance teams from across deaneries, with relatives of students and residents from the city coming in to get a glimpse of the university's rich talent and cultural grandeur. An honour for the participant and a delight for the beholder, Nritta encapsulates the balance of rigorous practice, fiery passion and serene grace.

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Bhasha Utsav

One of the most popular events of Christ University, the Bhasha Utsav or Ethnic Day, is a festival of culture. It is a time when different cultural backgrounds are not just represented but celebrated.

It is quite the experience to see thousands of students, decked in the colours of their roots, enjoying the energetic atmosphere of the Bhasha Utsav. The most recent ceremony began with a parade of the first-years around the campus, led by a group of dhol bearers carrying expeditious beats and cheerful spirits. Then, the audience was treated to performances of folk dances in the main auditorium. The pièce de résistance was provided by the artistic genius of Vilas Nayak, who impressed the crowd by painting two spectacular canvases on stage within a few enthralling minutes. But of course, the most awaited part of the day was the DJ, whose excellent song choices didn’t fail to bewilder the crowd’s sentiments.


Undoubtedly, Bhasha Utsav is and will continue to be, one of the most awaited celebrations at Christ University.

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Blossoms, an annual cultural festival curated by the Student Welfare Office, endeavours to showcase the vast array of talents and skills possessed by the participants at an inter-deanery level. Much like the esteemed Darpan festival, this event presents a grand opportunity for the students to display their brilliance and ingenuity. With diverse categories of activities, ranging from literary and artistic endeavours to performing arts such as music, dance, and theatre, Blossoms becomes an exhibition of unparalleled creativity and talent.


The success and achievements of the participants in the various events culminate in the Blossoms Final, where the winners from the Bannerghatta Road, Central, and Kengeri campuses come together to compete. In a remarkable display of their abilities and skills, the finest from each campus partake in the final round of all events, with the ultimate goal of representing their college. With its impressive showcase of flair and brilliance, this event proves to be an exceptional opportunity for students to shine and demonstrate their mastery.

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In-Blooms is an annual national-level cultural fest organized by a group of young enthusiasts aimed at promoting cultural diversity and artistic expression. It features stage, art, literary and theatre events.

The name, in a lot of ways, signifies the "blooming of different cultures coming together and showcasing their diversity." The event features various performances, exhibitions, and workshops that celebrate the symbolism. In conclusion, In-Blooms witnesses a kaleidoscope of cultural events that will leave the audience in awe and wondering about where precisely the students have been hiding their virtuosity.

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DARPAN is one of the biggest fests organized by the Student Welfare Office across all the campuses of CHRIST(Deemed to be University). Every odd semester, DARPAN hosts a collection of events across different activities involving art, literary, media and stage events. This wide variety ensures that each and every student can find the opportunity to cultivate their talent and showcase it in front of the entire college. Not only are the students given a chance to develop something they are good at, but also take a break from the daily grind of classes and assignments. 

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